Make Americans Racist (Again)!

By: Irene Ameena, 11th grade

Seven years old. Bubble blowing, bike riding, finger painting…..All activities my little brother should be enjoying, but instead, I was surprised to see him burst out crying, afraid that Donald Trump will take away his home and force him out of the country he was born in. “Where will Muslims go if ‘McDonald’ wins?” he asks me, and I don’t have an answer. “Is he going to make us move?”

Nobody is more tired than me of hearing about the many horrendous things Donald Trump continues to say, preceding each offensive statement with an unapologetic “Are you ready for this?” But it’s difficult to just “ignore” him when he so blatantly presents his radicalized views that distort America as she was intended to be. When he claims to change American’s immigration laws to religion-based- an unprecedented idea- as he did with his denouncement of Muslim immigrants, someone has to say something.Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.32.46 PM

How does a political leader get away with such profound discrimination against groups of people? Females, Hispanics, Muslims, refugees…” the Donald” has offended them all, breaking informal and formal rules of not only politics, but also common moral codes. Why, then, are his poll numbers rising so fast? He is quickly gaining ground among Republicans, although many of the GOP express shame and horror at what he plans to do to “make America great again.” A lot of the support comes from people who are sick and tired of the web of lies most politicians spin, the broken promises to bring about change, the ignorance of crucial issues and the attention given to photo-ops with sick babies or sad dogs.

There’s a crucial note to be made, however. Americans may have been discriminating against groups of people, but America does not put up with the exclusion of groups from our country, no matter what the political basis. This country, that was built on equality and liberty – a country that preaches democracy and minority rights – was formed by people who were oppressed against. For Americans to become the oppressors is an ironic twist, but definitely not a new idea.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.41.42 PMThe truth is that Trump is aiming for a sore spot in American society, a tender part of history rooted in prejudice and white supremacy. Americans are not new to discrimination. At one time, it was the Japanese-Americans who feared the blunt of the biases. During World War II, over 100,000 innocent Japanese-Americans were forcibly relocated and incarcerated. Sixty-two percent of these internees were American citizens; as a country we have a tendency to take things personally. But even before that in the late 1800s, nativism was a popular trend. The idea that immigrants were corrupting America was widespread, and the Irish and Chinese were especially discriminated against. When stores put up “Hiring” signs, they also often put up the common slogan “NINA”- “No Irish Need Apply.” The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 prohibited all Chinese laborer immigration, because they were viewed as job threats to “real Americans.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.47.14 PM.pngThis sore spot, this black part of our glorious country’s history, evidently still retains its supporters. Trump’s supporters are often not vocal; your neighbor, friend, or family member might secretly support him and never say so, a new poll reports. He’s kind of looked upon as a joke by the general public, but he still manages to lead the charts. It seems that some Americans hold those black parts within themselves and now praise Donald Trump for shedding light on those dark spots, crying that “he is a new kind of politician!”
If this is the kind of politician that Americans want, it is only out of either a selfish wistfulness for the nativist ideologies of the past or a bitterness towards the trend of lying leaders that our country has faced. And if these are the feelings that win out, the true American spirit will go down the drain.

If you want to see how Trump is polling, check out this site:

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In no way, shape or form do the opinions expressed in this article reflect the opinions of Imagine International Academy of North Texas or the Rising Dragon News publication. Student writers are encouraged to use the ‘Opinion’ section of our publication as a platform to speak their voices and publish their work. 

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