Dear Abby: School Dances & Traveling Abroad

By: Marium Asghar, 11th grade

Hello, hello! Welcome to this week’s Dear Abby column. I’m Abby (for the purpose of this column, at least) and I’m here to give you advice on any issues you might be facing: from school stress to relationship drama, I cover it all! If you have a problem and seek my help, shoot me an email at:!

Dear Abby, I just got asked to my first high school dance and I’m so nervous. This really popular guy at school named Nick asked me. This is my first time attending a high school dance and Nick has been to a lot of dances. Im nervous and am not sure what to do.I still don’t even know what to wear!  Abby, do you think I should go with him or just call it off and stay home? Im not sure if i’m good enough to go with him. 

Hi! Thank you for reaching out to me. Firstly, don’t begin to doubt yourself. There’s obviously a reason this boy asked you to be his date! You are smart and beautiful, and you should own it. I would advise you to go out and have fun with Nick, even if you feel like its far out of your comfort zone. After all, those types of nights make the best memories. As for his popularity status, don’t let that dissuade you. Popularity should never hold you back: you should even go out and try to make some new friends. Imagine is a small school with a close-knit community of students, and I promise that nobody is going to tear you down. As for what to wear? Call someone your girlfriends and ask for their advice. And if a mall trip is in order, then so be it.That’s what friends are there for right? It would be a fun bonding activity anyways! Remember that Nick asked you to go with him for a reason and at the end of the day, you’ll only regret the things you didn’t do. Don’t let a boy keep you from having the amazing high school dance you deserve.

Dear Abby, I’m a senior in high school and I really want to travel abroad to Spain this summer to improve my Spanish skills. The organization I want to travel with is really cool and has a lot of amazing opportunities for me to practice my Spanish speaking skills! Unfortunately, my parents don’t trust me enough to travel abroad alone! I’m the middle child in my family but they’ve always babied me: I don’t even get to half the stuff my siblings got to do. My mom doesn’t think I’m responsible and is paranoid of every little thing that could happen! Abby, what do I do? 

Well, it sounds to me like this is something you’re really passionate about. It usually takes parents some time to ease into ideas like this. Your mom want some time to think about it, and that’s normal. After all, it is a big decision. I suggest that you start taking small actions to prove to her that you’re responsible. That could be managing your money, taking care of siblings when she’s out, or simply keeping your room tidy. Another thing you could do is do more research into the program and show her that it’s reputable and safe. Get in touch with someone who’s done it and ask them to tell you about it. Research the trip itinerary and give your mom all the details she needs to feel safe with you all those miles away. Lastly, show her that you’ll get something out of this trip! As a student in a Spanish-speaking school, you need every opportunity to practice and emersion into Spain and the Spanish language is an amazing way to do this. Mrs. Levterova, Ms. Fernandez, Mrs. Alston or Mrs. Alva would probably be more than happy to tell these benefits to your mom. Good luck and I hope you get a chance to tour Spain! Take lots of pictures for me while you’re there!


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