Varsity Boys Basketball: A Season in Review

Written by: Emma Guerra and Sabrina Bhargava

Looks like it was another successful season for MYP Basketball! This was the first year for MYP to have a varsity boys team and though there were some obstacles to their success, they came out with a 3-5 game streak (won 3, lost 5) and more importantly, made lasting bonds as team over a sport they love. Originally there were only 5 students eligible to play Varsity this year, but with some strategic problem-solving, they were able to get a full team. Since they were short 3 players, 3 Junior Varsity players are also on the team. The team was coached by Coach Alinoli, a professional coach contracted by Athletics Director Coach Buckles.

Says 10th grade team member Jackson Stephenson, “The team did great for having limited practice and young players. After a year of serious development, there’s no doubt that we’ll contend for playoffs as juniors next year.”

Abid Awwal (10th) lead the team with an average of 23.3 points per game. Johnny Stimax (10th) wasn’t far behind, with an average of 19 points per game.


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We asked a few of these star players about their favorite part of this season and which IB trait they demonstrated on the court. Here’s what they said:

Andy Quintero, 10th: “My favorite part of the season was when we won out first game. It was a big accomplishment. Risk-taker because you have to be able to make quick decisions in order to win the game.”

Johnny Stimax, 10th: “My favorite part of the season was the last game of the season for sure. It was such an intense game… and [the trait] that is the most important is communication. [Without it] we wouldn’t be able to work as a team.”

Jackson Stephenson, 10th: “My favorite part of playing basketball this year was being able to represent the school in a different field. You need to be principled to maintain foul count.”

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