Letter from the Editor: Welcome & Thank You

By: Sabrina Bhargava, 11th grade

Dear Reader,

Hi, I’m Sabrina, and with the help of an amazing supervisor, 35 dedicated fellow staff members and a few others, I created Rising Dragon News, Imagine’s first MYP/DP online publication. We strive to bring you, Imagine’s 6th through 12th grade students, articles that are interesting, helpful and relevant to your lives. We want to bring our students together through what we love: writing. We want to add on to the sense of community here at Imagine by creating a product that helps better the environment of our school.

The idea started out 2 years ago, when I was in 9th grade. There was a sense of lethargy in our student body, a lack of school spirit, if you will. And on top of that, there was a growing disconnect between older and younger MYP students. I sought out to change that in the only way I knew how- with the power of words. And so I tried. Unsuccessfully, at first. Let it be known that I know very little about how to run a newspaper and manage a staff. I know even less about how to create a website. But with the help of those around me, I have learned so much about what it really takes to build something from the ground up. (Tenacity and A+ organization skills, in case you’re wondering.)

We assembled our first staff last year, a group of 20 or so students from 6th through 11th grade. Students wrote about events happening in the community, gave advice about how to be successful in IB, and brought tons of awesome talents and creativity to the table. And we had 0 readers. Without any funding or experience in web-design, it was impossible to get a website advanced enough to support a school newspaper and we ended up using a free Weebly site with very limited capabilities. And it was tough. For me, as someone who really wanted to make this thing happen, and for our writers, who put in countless hours into their articles.

But we kept up anyways, through a lot of chaos. Our amazing supervisor at the time, Mrs. Upton (DP Coordinator Extraordinaire) had to turn the management of the Newspaper club over to someone else, and the switch was a little hectic. But Mrs. Ferraro, our supervisor this year, has proven to be as amazing a mentor as any, and I am so grateful that she has taken us under her wing. We re-opened the application process to the student body this year, brought on more than 20 new students, chipped in to pay for a professional website and the rest is history.

As this online publication continues to grow, I want to take a moment to thank some people. Mrs. Upton, for helping us get on our feet. Mrs. Ferraro, for using her expertise in journalism to guide us into making the best possible material for Imagine MYP and DP students. Our 6 amazing copy-editors, who meticulously edit every single article. Our web-design team, who put up all of our content and make sure our site is functional. And most importantly, you. Our readers. The sole reason we put in all these hours is to give you content that is germane to your lives as students at Imagine. We want Rising Dragon News to bring people together and be an integral part of our community here, and none of that can happen without your support. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping my dream come true.


Sabrina Bhargava

Your Editor-in-Chief

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