5 Seconds of Summer: How did they end up here?

By Siani Ellis, 10th grade

Four quirky outcasts who collectively make up a band called 5 Seconds of Summer achieved the impossible task of capturing the hearts of millions across the world. In their song End Up Here they gallantly ask the question,“how did we end up here” which made me wonder… how did they end up here?


Beginning at rock bottom, bassist Calum Hood and guitarists Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford assembled a band. Influenced by punk rock musicians, they began to develop a style of music that was different from the norm. Their voices were raspy and under-developed and they had no focus as a band. Basically, they sucked. But they had one thing that not many have: passion. And so they trooped on, enamored with the idea of covering hit songs in their punk-rock style.


The three were doing okay, but they felt as though something was missing. Or someone. And along came Ashton Irwin, the drummer. He was two years older than the others, and he wasn’t exactly given a warm welcome. With the age gap and late contribution to the band, Calum, Luke, and Michael took time to warm up to Ashton and make space for him in their friendship. It was hard at first, but once their music improved and came together with the inclusion of percussion, the four boys became inseparable, thus birthing the band 5 Seconds of Summer.

To advance their credibility as a band, the four Australians began to write their own music. Acommon phenomenon, the band consistently updated their YouTube channel with new content and began to grow a fanbase. Although their talent was still maturing, their style of music became recognizable and their overall products were more professional.

Around the same time, 5 Seconds of Summer was discovered by the popular teeny-bop boy band, One Direction. The boys toured together, allowing 5SOS (5 Seconds of Summer) to gain thousands of fans from all over the place. This experience allowed the four boys to become comfortable with performing onstage inform of thousands of screaming girls, and get a sense of life on tour.

With their increasing fan base, the boys decided to release their self-titled album 5 Seconds of Summer. After receiving such a profound reaction from their album, the band realized that they were officially a part of the music industry. To keep the good spirits, the band took the next step in their careers, and played headlining tours.

As the popularity of the band increased, their musical talent developed. Their voices smoothed out and each boy became aware of their unique style. They fine-tuned their techniques on their instruments and really learned how to rock the crowd. The band became edgier and turned their pop-punk album into punk-rock shows.

To continue to please their fans, the band released their album, LIVESOS, to share the feelings and excitement generated at their concerts with all of their fans.

The band hit many bumps while on the road – for example Ashton getting appendicitis or Michael burning his face off in a pyro incident onstage – but they were able to climb over each one of them because they stayed strong, supported each other, and were supported by millions.

The boys decided that they did all they could do with their old style of music, so they decided to keep things rolling and change it up. Recently, the band released their second album Sounds Good Feels Good  and announced their upcoming 2016 tour Sounds Live Feels Live. This album is more personal and he lyrics are more intense than most of their older material. They managed to produce a fun, emotional rollercoaster that has their fans fangirling harder than they ever have.

As the boys progress on in their careers, they still stay true to who they are; four quirky outcasts with a dream of making a difference.

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