Talent Show: A CAS Project Success

By Mia Norton, 12th grade

I don’t know if you know this, but we have some highly talented Imagine Dragons among us, as evidenced by the Talent Show on January 29th! The show was a HUGE success.  Three DP students: Elyse Paul, and Jane Hsieh, and I, set the show up as our CAS project.  CAS is an acronym for Community, Action, and Service, aspects that contribute to the IB Diploma.  150 hours of CAS must complete in order to graduate.  As a student in this group, I decided it would an amazing opportunity to give back to the Fine Arts program that we all love and are involved in.

We began planning immediately by reserving the MPR room, speaking with administration, asking for donations from Trader Joes, Scooters, and Little Caesars, hosting auditions, creating a program, and enlisting the help of MYP and DP students to volunteer for the event.  With a goal of $700 in mind, we hoped to help Mr. Gaskins buy a weighted keyboard.  The rest of the funds would go to Mr. Dluhy and Mrs. Borja for lavalier microphones, lighting equipment, dollies, props, and costumes.  We also performed at the event, showcasing Elyse’s dancing, Jane’s beautiful violin, Selah Norton and Sadie Puckett’s keyboard skills, and my piano and vocals.  The talent show not only raised $1,410.75 – double our goal – but it also brought together amazing talent and a night for parents and students to enjoy together.  We had over twenty student and faculty volunteers come to the event.  Seeing the students work together to help the Fine Arts and support our CAS project was inspiring and evidence that Imagine offers a unique high school experience.  We greatly appreciate all of our teachers and hope that this student-led initiative continues into the future!

Mr. Dluhy, one of our finest MYP/DP Art and Film teachers, had some kind words about the show as well! (This quote was taken from the Imagine Facebook page):

“I wanted to take a minute to commend our Seniors and thank our faculty and staff for contributing to our best talent show in 4 years. Mia Norton, Jane Hsieh, Elyse Paul, and several other 12th graders worked incredibly hard and were detail oriented in their pursuit to put on a complex production of this scale. The life skills of project management and the personal satisfaction of accomplishment will serve them well as they navigate through college and their professional careers. 

These students doubled their goal of $700 and raised $1417.10 for the Fine Arts Department. This was the highest net of any talent show so far. More important than the money, the sense of community they facilitated was profound and palpable. They engaged student volunteers to a magnitude we haven’t seen before, garnered parent help, and encouraged a significant percentage of faculty to attend and participate. This was truly a community event that involved and united all of the stakeholders at IIANT. This was the epitome of a CAS project (Creativity, Action, and Service) and will stand as a benchmark for grade levels that follow.

The performances were outstanding and included a diverse range of talents. Hula Hooping, singing, instrumentals, bands, and even on-stage painting entertained the audience from start to finish. Students from PYP to DP demonstrated how talented our community is.

Thank you to all the parents, faculty, staff, and students that participated and made this event successful. Without your help these students would not have been able to pull this off as flawlessly. Thank you especially to Mr. Gaskins and Elisha Upton for their unwavering support.

Thanks to all again as we reflect on what will be an honorable tradition.”
-Bart Dluhy
MYP/DP Visual arts and Film




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