Beyoncé Knowles Carter Wins Super Bowl 50

By Kayla Allen and Siani Ellis, 10th grade

The Super Bowl: also known as the second most gluttonous American holiday (subsequent to Thanksgiving), this is the one and only time many Americans tune in to watch men run around in tights tossing a ball for 3 hours. This year marked the 50th anniversary of this extravaganza and for the first time in history, the Super Bowl wasn’t won by a team, but a single person, or should we say, single lady.

beyonce-hair-makeup-super-bowl-2016You heard correctly, Beyoncé Knowles Carter won the entire football game and didn’t even have to touch a misshapen leather oval at any point in the game. Not only this, but she managed to out­perform both teams, while only taking the field for 15 minutes. Accompanied by Coldplay­­ was a great band, and such a cute idea for an opening act­­ and Bruno Mars made an appearance as the Robin to the Batman that was Beyoncé.

The real halftime show began when Bruno Mars revived the audience from Coldplay’s fatally boring performance­­ a performance so boring that it is rivaled only by the funeral of our most famous almost dead TV personality Larry King­­ with his fiery rendition of his hit song that we all intended on leaving in 2015, “Uptown Funk”. Aided by his Harlem inspired a brass ensemble, his uptempo band, and his ravishingly pleasing black ensemble. Bruno Mars immediately sent an energizing ripple through the crowd.

Then in, walked, the Queen. She entered with her personal drum line and then proceeded to slay the world. Choreographed to perfection, Beyoncé marched to her own bouncy beat. She played her new song, that she had released unannounced the previous day, a stunt that only Beyoncé could pull off. The performance went without any major hiccups, knowing that she was performing we didn’t expect any. And with the combination of her military chic style, seamless execution of her song, perfectly choreographed dance steps, it is no question she earned MVP, Most Valuable Performer.

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