Will you be the next POTUS?- Jobs in Politics

By Masha Bandouil, 11th grade

Does the 2016 election have you in a frenzy? Do you jump to the TV for every debate in order to make sure that you have as much information as possible about the candidates? Well, maybe you need to consider getting a job in politics. Keep reading to see the kinds of options that you have if you want to make a mark on the crazy world called politics!


  1. Be a presidential candidate. This is actually your only choice if you want to make a difference in politics. So come up with a cool slogan and you’re set to go! Thanks for reading and good luck!

Just kidding – There are a huge variety of ways to influence the political system here in the United States and it’s possible that being Commander in Chief isn’t even the most effective way…

  1. Government Work – The Obvious Choice
  • If learning the ins and outs of government and being part of the law making and implementation process is what interests you, consider a job in the actual government – up there on Capitol Hill with Bill. You might be surprised at the kinds of jobs available here! They range from being a legislative assistant (research and advice), to being a spokesman for a senator (public relations and communication) to being an actual member of Congress (law and direct government).
  • If you’re not sure if this is what you want to do, right now is the perfect time to try volunteering or interning for a campaign

     2. Non-Profit Work – They Do Actually Impact Legislative Decisions!

  • Do you stay up all night looking at the most recent research regarding bird deaths due to unsafe windows and think that that is something that (wow lots of thats) should be addressed by the government, consider joining a nonprofit organization that is centered around an issue you are passionate about! Their main job is to lobby and educate politicians and ultimately the general public.

     3. Librarian – Sounds crazy right?!

  • If you love books, articles, poems, news stories, top secret files or all of the above, consider becoming a librarian! Several government agencies and separate nonprofits employ librarians (usually with a Masters in Library) to work with their top level info!

     4. Radio Announcer or Reporter – No, not like the Kid Kraddic Morning Show

  • If you are a complete political junkie and know all the party platforms, or are an extreme ideologue passionate about their side, or simply have a love for different kinds of communication, consider a job as a radio announcer or reporter! They play a crucial part in the political process as they are the ones relaying political information to the public a convincing them of what policies to support and what not to support! They can also impact an election by persuading voters who to vote for by explicitly supporting someone, or unearthing dirty secrets about another candidate. (Think all of the news articles you’ve seen about Hillary Clinton’s secret email scandal.)

     4. Pollster – You don’t have to love humanities to have a role in politics!

  • Are you a math geek? Or in AP Statistics and love it? Then consider a job as being a pollster! You would work with statistics on a daily basis – collecting, analyzing and publishing it. The catch is, you have to be able to take your emotions out of politics and be able to simply look at data and relay it back to the public. (If you’re into math, that probably won’t be too hard to do) None the less, this kind of a job is a perfect way to get to know voters and understand politics in a broad spectrum without working with the government directly.

     5. Translator or Interpreter – Like Google Translate, but better

  • If you’re great with languages but don’t want to be directly involved in policy making, consider being a translator! You would be able to be part of the political process, just not influencing it in a direct way. Think about it as being the reason that international politics can happen. You would be able to work with international politicians and help make communication possible with the rest of the world. Thanks to globalization, this job is in high demand!

There are hundred of other jobs I didn’t talk about, so if the options listed above do not drive your campaign bus (haha get it? like float your boat, but you’re driving a campaign bus) don’t worry! There are tons of other jobs in politics to check out. But if any of the above interested  you, the best place to start a job in politics is doing campaign work! Whether it be for a local congressman or for a presidential candidate, start trying to find some ways to get involved and build connections!

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