26 Days Left Until Summer: Maximizing Your Final Moments

26 School Days Left Until Summer- Time to Blow Everything Off. Right?

By Amelia Kimball, 7th grade

Yep, you read that title right- as of today, Monday, April 25, 2016, there are only 26 school days left until summer break. Even though that’s not counting weekend days, it doesn’t sound like much- in fact, it sounds like a very, very small amount. Small enough that you’re sure none of it will even count. Small enough that we’re all tired- teachers and students- and with eyelids drooping, teachers won’t even notice that you didn’t turn in that assignment. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are so wrong. The end of the year counts- a lot. And in order to have the best summer break ever, it’s best to get the boring stuff done, and done well, and then relish your freedom.

The reality is, bigger doesn’t always equal better. So if you’re sitting there thinking that summer break will be ten times better if you just add these 26 more days to it by totally slacking off, I would say that you are on the wrong track. Really, these last few weeks are pretty critical. The final round summatives is getting into swing, and these summatives are it. The last grades for the year. If you don’t work at it, how fun is summer going to be with your parents at your back because of your bad grades for this final quarter? Not so fun. So work hard: extra hard. Pump out those stellar marks, and summer will taste all the more sweet with the knowledge that you have the knowledge, and are ready move up in the fall. Not going to lie: working is even harder than usual with the ideas of waterparks, vacations, and sleeping in running through your head instead of algebra. But get it done, without procrastinating, so that you’ll have even more time to plan out the precious, lazy summer days. It may seem like work with no reward, but truly, it does feel good when you know you’ve done your work well, and then it’s even easier to imagine the joys of sunshine and swimming.

The last 26 days don’t have to be all work and no play. I know, I know: I’ve spent way too much time talking about work and more work. But don’t worry, I have more to say. While you do need to make sure that business is taken care of so that summer can seem all the better, summer is only 26 days away. And that’s not a lot of time. And you know what else isn’t a lot of time? Summer. Just over 2 months? Not nearly enough time. So you need to maximize this, too, and you can use these final weeks to get ready to do just that.

Sometimes, at least for me, summer comes, and I am so happy. I don’t think anything about the summer as a whole, I think only of this moment, and how I am going to just sleep. And then all of a sudden, the summer is away from me. Gone. Not to come back until after an entire other year of school. This summer, though, I am resolved to make it be different. The summer will just be so much better if I have an idea of what I want to do this summer. So, I’ve created with my friends a sort of summer bucket list. There’s always those things you want to do but you just don’t get around to it because you’re so busy sleeping. This year, make things different! Sit down and think about all of those things that you want to do this summer, just for fun, and write a checklist. Post it on the wall, or the fridge, or your mirror, or somewhere, and this summer, it can easily be the best one ever. Maybe you want to go zip lining. Rock climbing. Read such and such book. See such and such movie. Whatever it is, make sure you do it! In a way, this is like New Year’s resolutions, but in another way, these are totally different: you don’t have to improve in any way this summer, unless, of course, you want to. All you have to do is have fun! So go, and do it!

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