Homecoming Week Poll: What outfit did you like best?

By: Kyra Page, Bella Colandrea, and Emma Guerra, 11th grade

Each year amidst the flooding of Summatives and hours of school work we receive, a sense of normalcy in our unique school is Homecoming Week. Each year, hundreds of Imagine students look forward to having a week where they can dress up in clothing outside of their uniforms through a week of various dress up days that excite our students for the Homecoming Dances on Saturday. Our Homecoming Week was the week of September 19-23, with the dance on the 24th. To gauge student interest before the week, we asked 145 MYP and DP students what Homecoming Week dress up day they were looking forwards to the most. Here’s what they said:


The crowd favorite day was, by far, Free Dress Day with 98 votes. Twin Day was second with 36 votes, Career Day third with 7 votes, Jacket Day fourth with 4 votes, and there were no votes for Spirit Day (most likely because we have Spirit Days every week).

Homecoming Week is a time when the student body collectively forgets about the stresses and worries in their lives and just enjoys life and being a teenager. People from grades 6 through 12 enjoy Homecoming because it allows us to wear something we wouldn’t normally wear and make invaluable memories with our closest friends. Homecoming brings the Imagine student body together in a fun way that let’s us remember that the work and sacrifice of being an IB student is all worth it in the end. We come to Imagine International Academy of North Texas for a learning experience unlike any other, but in all reality, it is the people we meet and the memories we make that will stick with us for the rest of our lives.

If you already have an idea for what you want to wear on Homecoming Week next time around, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen!

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