Imagine’s Mock Election: An accurate predictor?

By Shyla Sinha, 8th grade

Just a day before the Presidential Election, IIA-NT held its very first mock election. All grades, from kindergarten to 12th grade, were invited to participate and vote for which candidate they believed was the right choice. All that was required to vote was a parent-signed voter registration card, which was provided by the student’s leadership/homeroom teacher. Voting was held on November 8, 2016 at various voting polls that were located around the school.

At the voting polls, there were privacy shields on each computer and voters were also given an “I Voted” sticker, to emulate real presidential election experience. Food and drinks was also provided for the voters, ranging from bottled water, lemonade, iced tea, cookies and brownies. There was a noticeable excitability in the student body on Election Day- as everyone prepared to cast their vote, just as their parents do every four years, there was a sense of pride to participate in the election process. Students got to engage politically and reflect on their own values! As a global-minded school, this mock election was a great way to foster a desire to be an engaged citizen. It taught us the power of our vote.  Since this is the first year Imagine has done a mock election, as a school, we hope they will continue to do it in the future. This is important, especially to the younger students, to prepare them for the future and when they are actually old enough to vote, they will be prepared.

But were the results accurate? Let’s find out! Here they were:



Democratic Party (Clinton/Kaine): 54.6% 

Republican Party (Trump/Pence): 31.4%

Libertarian Party (Johnston/Weld): 7.2%

Green Party (Stein/Baraka): 6.8%


As the results show, the Democratic Party and its presidential candidate won the Imagine mock election. Although this was not what happened in the real election, it was still interesting to see what our school chose. When comparing the mock election to the real election, it’s a lesson that although everyone in our country has different political opinions, everyone’s vote matters towards the results. It was interesting that the political preference within our school varied so much from the general preference of Texas. The experience as a whole was exciting and engaging and makes me all the more ready for the day I, too, can vote in the US presidential election.

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