Kardashian Robbery: When did life-threatening situations become funny?

By Siani Ellis, 11th grade

A few weeks ago, I found myself on Twitter around 11 pm. What was expected to be an entertaining two minute update on celebrity life, turned into thirty minutes of pure disgust. Reading through these horrific tweets, I instantly noticed that all of the malicious content was posted by teenagers or adults under the age of 25. Realizing that my generation— OUR generation— responded to this situation in such an unsettling way truly disturbing. I was so infuriated, I declared that I was no longer a member of this generation.

The incident that caused me to disown my generation occurred just minutes before my Twitter venture, in which the famous Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint during her stay in Paris. While sleeping in her Parisian apartment, five men dressed as law enforcement officers entered Kim’s apartment, attacked her, and then stole $10 million worth of jewelry.

Before reading the hateful comments listed on Twitter, I noticed that Kim Kardashian was the number one trending topic. Instead of clicking the Twitter link, I instinctively opened my search browser and read an article describing the situation. My heart immediately sank as I was terrified for the reality television star. Expecting to see heartwarming, and supporting comments, I then began to scroll through the topic on Twitter. Instead, I read unnerving comments stating how Kim deserved to be robbed or how the entire situation was a scam. And to my disbelief, people were creating memes, cracking jokes, or posting gifs to make fun of the entire situation.

With steam boiling out of my ears, I was ready to explode and comment on all of these ill-hearted teens who were ridiculing Kim. I get the fact that Kim Kardashian’s career is based on an entertainment platform, and she has many memes and gifs made of her. I get that we find humor in her television career. But it is completely unacceptable to joke about life-threatening situations. It doesn’t matter what Kim is known for and how the public tends to respond to her. Kim could have easily died. With a gun held to her, one of her attackers could have easily pulled the trigger, leaving a daughter and a son without a mother. A husband without a wife. A family without their sister and their daughter. No matter what, Kim will always fill these roles. So for this generation to be so hostile towards this situation is outrageous.

After giving myself to cool down and think rationally I not only realized that I actually can’t go back in time and join another generation (trust me, I was shocked too), but that I can’t blame the entire generation for the actions of few. Seeing as though I no longer make any claims to disowning my generation, I want to thank those who posted loving, kindhearted messages onto social media platforms, as well as those who called out the distasteful comments. However, I still stand by what I say. This entire revelation is extremely disappointing and constantly causes me to question the fate of humanity.

Please think before you post, and stop yourself from polluting the internet as many wrongfully did during this circumstance.

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