The Phantom Unwritten: A Sit Down With Cyrena Powell

Shyla Sinha

Many Dragons were talking about how excited they were for the musical parody of Phantom of the Opera and its sequel, Love Never Dies, The Phantom Unwritten. This production consisted of the fabulous cast who worked their hardest to portray the characters. One of those cast members is Cyrena Powell, an 8th grader who played two characters, Carlotta and Miss Fleck.


Cyrena “discovered her passion for theatre when she acted in the musical Oklahoma! Since her debut, she went on to act in A Christmas Carol, Miscast, and more. Cyrena has shared her passion for theatre with the Imagine community by participating in our theatre program. When performing in this particular program Cyrena said her favorite part was “probably being able to meet all the cast members and to become friends with them”. Imagine’s theater program used The Phantom Unwritten to feature actors of across various grade levels. Cyrena said that the best part of the play was “Definitely practice. We had a lot of fun messing around with improv”. This just proves how the production was not only amusing for the audience to watch, but just as fun for the cast behind the scenes.


Although Cyrena did an amazing job as an actor in The Phantom Unwritten, she said that it wasn’t an easy task to take on the two roles. She said that her first role of Carlatta was supposed to act like a diva, whereas her second role of Ms. Fleck was a very simple character. She stated that she had five minutes to change “mentally and physically” from one character to another. Additionally, she helped back stage, which included organizing props, helping the rest of the cast practice their line, and assisting other actors with their costumes. Overall, Cyrena was a huge help to the final product of the program, even if it meant that she had to overcome some obstacles.


Theatre has helped Cyrena to overcome her performance nervousness, “once I started acting I realized I just needed to go in character”. Determination is what made her the actor she is today. She takes on challenges and uses them as an opportunity to learn and grow. Cyrena stated that “When I first came to Imagine, I knew nothing of acting…Now, I’m able to become the character”. Cyrena has grown tremendously as an actor since participating in Imagine’s Theatre Program.This is a prime example of how young students at Imagine are able to grow through action.
“The Phantom Unwritten” was a huge success- the cast had a ton of fun while working on the show, and the audience had a great time watching it. Imagine would like to thank the cast,  the production team, and Ms. Borja for working so hard to put on this show for us to enjoy.

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