Monthly Moves with Masha: A Sit Down with Ritika Lal

  Masha Bandouil, 12th Grade   What kinds of dance styles have you heard of? Breakdancing? Ballroom? Ballet? What about ​Bharatanatyam ​? No? Well me neither, until I talked to Senior, Ritika Lal. Q – What styles of dance do you practice? A – I practice two very different styles of Indian Classical Dance. The…

The Phantom Unwritten: A Sit Down With Cyrena Powell

Shyla Sinha Many Dragons were talking about how excited they were for the musical parody of Phantom of the Opera and its sequel, Love Never Dies, The Phantom Unwritten. This production consisted of the fabulous cast who worked their hardest to portray the characters. One of those cast members is Cyrena Powell, an 8th grader…

THRILLER: Imagine’s Halloween Rendition

This month’s ‘Monthly Moves with Masha’ video is extra special… Masha teaches Imagine MYP and DP students how to dance to Michael Jackson’s famously spooky Thriller. And that’s not even the best part: it also features some (hilarious) clips of Imagine’s favorite MYP and DP teachers! Mr. Gaskins, Mr. Dluhy, Mrs. Dodds and more… who’s got…

A very special Family Day: 9/23/16

Last Wednesday marked a very special Family Day for Imagine students. Not only was it the 1st Family Day of the school year, but it was also a celebration of Imagine’s 5th birthday! Students celebrated by pulling out posters, markers and even glitter. The hundreds of posters then decorated the front of Imagine’s campus– it was quite a sight and a perfect way to ring in Imagine’s 5th year as a school.

Monthly Movies: Sully

You might not have heard much about Clint Eastwood’s’ new movie Sully yet (there just isn’t as much hype about non-fiction biographical films when large-scale Blockbusters like Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters are out), but it’s not because it isn’t good.

Imagine Chess Team: An Overview

Imagine’s chess team is arguably the most popular after-school endeavor, with its various members from K-12 consistently bringing home 1st place trophies to be displayed in the library. If you’re interested in learning more about the chess team, watch this short video!

Monthly Moves with Masha: Freestyle!

Have you ever been out on the dance floor with no cool moves left to do? Worry no more! In this edition of Monthly Moves with Masha, you’ll learn how to freestyle like a pro. Grab your dancing shoes, because it’s getting intense!

5 Movies to Look Forward to in 2016

If you, like me, are an avid movie fan who is always on the hunt for something that will keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further- I have compiled a list of 5 movies that are sure to be hits. Within this list, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Enjoy!

Talent Show: A CAS Project Success

I don’t know if you know this, but we have some highly talented Imagine Dragons among us, as evidenced by the Talent Show on January 29th! The show was a HUGE success. Three DP students: Elyse Paul, and Jane Hsieh, and I, set the show up as our CAS project. CAS is an acronym for Community, Action, and Service, aspects that contribute to the IB Diploma. 150 hours of CAS must complete in order to graduate. As a student in this group, I decided it would an amazing opportunity to give back to the Fine Arts program that we all love and are involved in.

5 Seconds of Summer: How did they end up here?

Four quirky outcasts who collectively make up a band called 5 Seconds of Summer achieved the impossible task of capturing the hearts of millions across the world. In their song End Up Here they gallantly ask the question,“how did we end up here” which made me wonder… how did they end up here?