Imagine’s StudentCam C-SPAN Competition Winners

Nandita Vegesna, 11th Grade Within a few short months, 2017 has already become a year of politics. So when the junior class was presented with an assignment that allowed them to send a meaningful message to our new congressmen and the president about issues they are passionate about, our students did not shy away. Every…

Imagine’s Mock Election: An accurate predictor?

By Shyla Sinha, 8th grade Just a day before the Presidential Election, IIA-NT held its very first mock election. All grades, from kindergarten to 12th grade, were invited to participate and vote for which candidate they believed was the right choice. All that was required to vote was a parent-signed voter registration card, which was…

THRILLER: Imagine’s Halloween Rendition

This month’s ‘Monthly Moves with Masha’ video is extra special… Masha teaches Imagine MYP and DP students how to dance to Michael Jackson’s famously spooky Thriller. And that’s not even the best part: it also features some (hilarious) clips of Imagine’s favorite MYP and DP teachers! Mr. Gaskins, Mr. Dluhy, Mrs. Dodds and more… who’s got…

A very special Family Day: 9/23/16

Last Wednesday marked a very special Family Day for Imagine students. Not only was it the 1st Family Day of the school year, but it was also a celebration of Imagine’s 5th birthday! Students celebrated by pulling out posters, markers and even glitter. The hundreds of posters then decorated the front of Imagine’s campus– it was quite a sight and a perfect way to ring in Imagine’s 5th year as a school.

Homecoming Week Poll: What outfit did you like best?

Each year amidst the flooding of Summatives and hours of school work we receive, a sense of normalcy in our unique school is Homecoming Week. Each year, hundreds of Imagine students look forward to having a week where they can dress up in clothing outside of their uniforms through a week of various dress up days that excite our students for the Homecoming Dances on Saturday. Our Homecoming Week was the week of September 19-23, with the dance on the 24th. To gauge student interest before the week, we asked 145 MYP and DP students what Homecoming Week dress up day they were looking forwards to the most. Here’s what they said:

MYP Advisory Council: Your School, Your Decision

It’s finally here! The 2016-2017 school year, and with a new school year comes new opportunities. Things like joining school clubs or sports teams, and what was that other thing? Oh yeah, running for MYP Advisory Council representative.

Rising Dragon News Needs YOU!

Hello MYP and DP students! I hope everyone had a fabulous summer and got some sleep, sunshine, and a well-deserved break from the chaos of IB that we’ve all come to know and love. As we kick off Imagine’s fifth year and the third year since our school newspaper was established, we are ready to…

Foodie-on-the-Go: Make Your Own Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

It’s no secret that IB students are incredibly busy. It’s also no secret that breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day! With this easy breakfast sandwich recipe, students won’t have to pick between getting to school on time and eating a nutritious meal that will energize them for the busy day ahead. Enjoy!

26 Days Left Until Summer: Maximizing Your Final Moments

Yep, you read that title right- as of today, Monday, April 25, 2016, there are only 26 school days left until summer break. Even though that’s not counting weekend days, it doesn’t sound like much- in fact, it sounds like a very, very small amount. Small enough that you’re sure none of it will even count. Small enough that we’re all tired- teachers and students- and with eyelids drooping, teachers won’t even notice that you didn’t turn in that assignment. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are so wrong. The end of the year counts- a lot. And in order to have the best summer break ever, it’s best to get the boring stuff done, and done well, and then relish your freedom…

Sitting Down with DP Teacher of the Year Mrs. Williams

Mrs. Williams is a favorite teacher amongst the DP class and known for her interesting classes, funny anecdotes, and love of Hello Kitty. As one of her students, I appreciate the effort Mrs. Williams invests in making our discussions engaging, our assignments purposeful, and our studies meaningful. This year alone, we have studied seven different works of literature in wide-ranging genres with her, from Hamlet to I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings to The Importance of Being Earnest. I can truthfully say that Mrs. Williams has made the investigation of each one of these works exciting and enjoyable. I am very thankful for the preparation she has given my class for our IB exams and our future in college.

This year, Mrs. Williams has been named school-wide Teacher of the Year at Imagine. This title is quite the honor, and I thought it would only be fit to sit down with Mrs. Williams and ask her about her own perspective as a teacher.