Family Day: To Love or not to Love?

Amelia Kimball, 8th Grade What is likely the most vibrant characteristic of Imagine that is hard to find anywhere else, is our K-12 environment. It’s no secret that we don’t have a lot of space to work with, so it takes all the more creativity to fit kids from ages 5 to 18 in comfortably….

Kardashian Robbery: When did life-threatening situations become funny?

By Siani Ellis, 11th grade A few weeks ago, I found myself on Twitter around 11 pm. What was expected to be an entertaining two minute update on celebrity life, turned into thirty minutes of pure disgust. Reading through these horrific tweets, I instantly noticed that all of the malicious content was posted by teenagers…

Monthly Movies: Sully

You might not have heard much about Clint Eastwood’s’ new movie Sully yet (there just isn’t as much hype about non-fiction biographical films when large-scale Blockbusters like Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters are out), but it’s not because it isn’t good.

2016 Presidential Election: Catch 22

The United States is at a crossroads, faced with two paths that lead nowhere good. Though any prospect of voting for a third party candidate might seem ridiculous, going against the bipartisan system of U.S. politics may be the best decision in 2016. So when faced with the dilemma inside the ballot box, remember: there is an alternative, and his name is Governor Gary Johnson.

Evenings in September: Monthly Football Feature

MCKINNEY, TEXAS- The day is September the first, and Texas is on the brink of eruption after a long off-season. Like an ancient volcano, citizens lay in waiting, in longing, in admiration for the first weekend of September. Baseball kept them unruly, basketball kept them from a sleepless winter, but September has come and it has Texans foaming at the mouth.

Rising Dragon News Needs YOU!

Hello MYP and DP students! I hope everyone had a fabulous summer and got some sleep, sunshine, and a well-deserved break from the chaos of IB that we’ve all come to know and love. As we kick off Imagine’s fifth year and the third year since our school newspaper was established, we are ready to…

Preparing for a College Fair

Every year at Imagine, 10th and 11th grade students at Imagine are invited to attend the Texas IB Schools (TIBS) College Fair. Students from IB schools all across Texas make their way to Hurst, Texas, to the event where admissions representatives and alumni from universities all around the country provide information about their schools and programs. But what really goes on at College Fair and how can students prepare themselves to get the most of the experience? Read more to find out!

Why I Love My Uniform (Kind of)

The passionate ongoing debate about whether uniforms are conducive to a learning environment or not rages on- and I’m here to tell you why uniforms do increase student productivity and create a safer environment.

The SAT is Unfair and Here’s Why

The SAT can be indicative of success, there’s no doubt about it. But it isn’t always. For something that can determine so much for a student, there are some clear drawbacks to the SAT. Here’s why I believe the SAT is unfair. Or rather, U.N.F.A.I.R!

10th Grade Student’s Response to Personal Project Controversial News Story

The following opinion piece was submitted by 10th grade student Alyssia Cisneros in response to a CBS DFW news story called “Parents Upset Elementary Students Taught Inappropriate Topics”. The story was about 10th grade Personal Project Exhibitions here at Imagine on March 23. You can view the article here:   My name is Alyssia Cisneros and…

Will you be the next POTUS?- Jobs in Politics

Does the 2016 election have you in a frenzy? Do you jump to the TV for every debate in order to make sure that you have as much information as possible about the candidates? Well, maybe you need to consider getting a job in politics…