Evenings in September: Monthly Football Feature

MCKINNEY, TEXAS- The day is September the first, and Texas is on the brink of eruption after a long off-season. Like an ancient volcano, citizens lay in waiting, in longing, in admiration for the first weekend of September. Baseball kept them unruly, basketball kept them from a sleepless winter, but September has come and it has Texans foaming at the mouth.

Rising Dragon News Needs YOU!

Hello MYP and DP students! I hope everyone had a fabulous summer and got some sleep, sunshine, and a well-deserved break from the chaos of IB that we’ve all come to know and love. As we kick off Imagine’s fifth year and the third year since our school newspaper was established, we are ready to…

HOSA’s 2nd Successful Blood Drive

At 8:00 on the first morning of spring break, while most Imagine student were fast asleep, HOSA team members were at the school preparing for their second blood drive this year. HOSA president Faiza Ahmed remarked, “we are here to build our future as health professionals. The posters advertising this blood drive have decorated the school walls for days and the team was hoping weave in as many walk ins as possible. Members were parked in front of the school handing out flyers in order to draw in as many volunteers as possible, informing every passer-by that their donation of one pint of blood would save the lives of three people.

Imagine Chess Team: An Overview

Imagine’s chess team is arguably the most popular after-school endeavor, with its various members from K-12 consistently bringing home 1st place trophies to be displayed in the library. If you’re interested in learning more about the chess team, watch this short video!

Varsity Boys Basketball: A Season in Review

Looks like it was another successful season for MYP Basketball! This was the first year for MYP to have a varsity boys team and though there were some obstacles to their success, they came out with a 3-5 game streak (won 3, lost 5) and more importantly, made lasting bonds as team over a sport they love.

Mock Trial Wins 1st Place at State

On Thursday, January 28 at 8am, 7 students -who collectively make up Imagine’s Youth and Government Mock Trial team- piled onto an already-crammed bus. The destination? The 69th annual Texas Youth and Government State conference in Austin, Texas. Approximately 30 Imagine high school students attended the 3-day conference in total, the majority of them being in the Legislative section of Youth and Government.